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Mistress Empress - You'd Better Enjoy Watching This. Or Else.
Female bodybuilder Mistress Empress works the ebony muscles of her pecs, abs, biceps, legs, glutes, and calves in the gym, then poses in panties to show you the results. "Are you enjoying this?" she asks. Well, are you?

6Min 9Sec Video


Roxanne Edwards - Workout Instruction
We all know and love ebony female bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards. Who is better qualified to give workout instruction? No one that we can think of. From her bulging biceps to her powerful calves, Roxanne is the epitome of hard muscle. So, when she tells you how to do something you better do it!

6Min 56Sec Video


Roxanne Edwards - Watch This Pro's Naked Pull-Up. It'll Wake You Up.
In the gym, professional female bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards shows you the right way to do a chin-up and a one-arm dumbbell row. She's naked so you can see every ripped ebony muscle as she poses to show you her vascular biceps, legs, glutes and abs.

7Min 40Sec Video


Roxanne Edwards - Her Ebony Muscles Are Hard. And She's Naked.
Female Bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards is posing nude for you in the Gym, showing off the vascular, ebony Muscles of her Pecs, Legs, Glutes, Biceps, and her ripped abs. Any closer up and you'd be in the picture.

134 Photos 


Mistress Treasure - She Can Train Anyone. Even A Hopeless Case.
You're getting a virtual session with female bodybuilder and fem domme Mistress Treasure. Enjoy the posing, worship the strong ebony muscles of her biceps, legs, and glutes, and see her visitor take verbal humiliation from her. Wouldn't you?

8Min 35Sec Video


Roxanne Edwards - She'll Teach You A Lesson. And Look Good Doing It.
Professional female bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards is in the gym, giving you a lesson in how to do pec decks and push-ups and posing to show you how good her nude, muscular ebony pecs, legs, glutes, vascular biceps and ripped abs look.

8Min 36Sec Video


Roxanne Edwards - You Won't Believe Her Abs. Or The Rest Of Her.
In the gym, Female Bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards poses for you, showing you how Ripped and Vascular her Ebony Abs are, and demonstrates how she trains the massive Muscles of her Pecs, Legs, Glutes, Calves and Biceps.

5Min 34Sec Video


Kathy Johannson - Sheer Black

Candace - Body Piercings Are Hot

Melanie - Hot Glass
Melanie's on the gym floor, penetrating herself with a big glass dildo and moaning loudly as she masturbates. She’s so flexible that she finds lots of ways to insert her toy, then sucks her own juices off it. Watch her strong ebony legs, glutes and biceps as she rides it hard and poses, flexing her biceps, and enjoy her wet pussy in close-up.

6Min 30Sec Video


Mistress Empress - She's Teasing You. But You'll Like Her Sass. And Her Ass.
It's your virtual session with female bodybuilder Mistress Empress, and she's posing in lacy panties to show you her muscular ebony biceps, pecs, legs, and glutes, and giving you a close-up look at her chocolate ass and at her 17-inch calves in pink high heels while she teases you.

7Min 20Sec Video


Mistress Treasure - Net Worth
Female bodybuilder Mistress Treasure poses for you in the bedroom in a fishnet bodysuit, showing off her massive muscles: her powerful pecs, her big ebony biceps, her vascular, ripped abs, her muscular legs and glutes. She's a Treasure with unlimited net worth.

149 Photos 


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